I have a friend who works with a multinational firm, he has a matured girlfriend in her second level in the University, she resigned her job two years ago to get a degree. 
They have been dating for over a year now and he intends settling down next year with her, presently, the guy pays her fees and gives her monthly upkeep cash, money to make her hair etc. but the problem is that the young man complains that she rarely washes his clothes, even boxers. Sometimes the guy spends 7 days in a week at work with no time to wash his clothes. And he doesn’t like giving his clothes to drycleaners as they usually ruin the colours. He prefers hand-washing them, which he does any night he returns, sometimes, into the night, 1:00AM when you call my guy, he is still washing his clothes, bedsheets etc.

When asked the girl says “I am not washing your clothes, if i start washing your clothes now, what will I do when we get married, you’d better give them to the drycleaner.

My guy is totally confused, knowing that a character exhibited during a relationship will definitely come into play in marriage. Please what should he do.

Professor Asked on October 20, 2018 in Advice.
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    just find a suitable and reliable drycleaner nearby..

    Default Answered on December 30, 2018.
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